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Mandie & Jayden (MJ) Share their story


MJ's Cajun Ice, LLC Established in 2016, is family-owned and operated. Mandie, being from New Orleans, and her daughter Jayden, born and raised in Terre Haute, IN, felt that no matter where they lived, they could always have a taste of  home by offering New Orleans style snoballs.

"In the summer of 2002, I moved to Terre Haute from New Orleans.  One day, I was missing home and really craving a sno-ball.  Not a snow-cone, or icee, or shaved ice, but a real New Orleans Sno-ball.  I couldn't find a sno-ball stand anywhere, and soon realized these did not exist up here. Not being able to travel back home much, my cravings for sno-balls continued for years. It wasn't until the spring of 2016 when I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business, MJ's Cajun Ice and bring the taste of true New Orleans style Sno-balls to Terre Haute." - Mandie Doran, Founder of MJ's Cajun Ice

Not only did I want to bring some of my great childhood memories to Terre Haute, but wanted to be able to provide a quality life for my daughter, Jayden.  Starting MJ's (Mandie and Jayden) has allowed me to enjoy so much more quality time with her.

We always strive for the best tasting snoballs! We are very excited to have started our first location, right here in the Wabash Valley.  Come check out MJ's Cajun Ice today!  

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